For day NINE of our Zellweger UK Advent Calendar, please allow me to introduce you to Matt! 

Matt is on the very mild end of the spectrum! He’s a keen supporter of Zellweger UK and an all round incredible dude! He is unique in that he is one of the few children on the spectrum around the world able to introduce himself in his own words, so take it away Matt…















I was born on 18th October 2004, surprisingly  I was a small baby weighing just 6lb 9oz. My medical history has been a roller-coaster since I was born to be fair. I was diagnosed as deaf and got my first pair of hearing aids at aged just 2.Soon after that just a few months before my 4th birthday I was diagnosed partially sighted and got my first pair of glasses. I was then diagnosed with autism in November 2016 (it will always be an appointment to remember).The diagnosis of Zellweger itself was in April 2017.
Despite this I enjoy every day and try my best to live life to the full.I have also posted many photos on instagram with captions related to Zellweger as well as a lot of involvement with this amazing charity.
Many thanks
Matt Thomas