Our UK Scientists

We have three wonderful scientists across the UK; all of whom have attended one or both of our family meet ups and have a special interest in the peroxisome. Their research is crucial in understanding the peroxisome and how it functions, which can in turn lead to better diagnostics in the future, and even better more effective treatments.

We are very lucky here at Zellweger UK, to have their support in raising awareness and understanding of such a complex and little known condition as Zellweger Spectrum Disorders. (As well as other peroxisomal disorders, as complex and devastating as ZSD.)

Please click on our scientists’ pictures to view their university profiles.

Professor Alison Baker

Faculty of Biological Sciences – University of Leeds



Dr. Ewald Hettema

Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology – The University of Sheffield



Professor Michael Schrader

Department of Biosciences – University of Exeter