Cameron A

For day SEVENTEEN of our ZUK Advent Calendar, please let me introduce you to one of the UK’s oldest chaps with the condition and one of the only adults in the UK with this disease – Cammy! 











Cam is an utterly remarkable little guy! Nobody really knows how he’s still with us and fighting at 21 years old. Despite a difficult few years and a few horribly close calls during hospitalisation for pneumonas, he is still proving himself to be some kind of titanium/rubber hybrid; I’ve never known someone bounce back and remain so strong!

Cam continues to love vibration, and his battery operated toothbrush (brush head removed) is a permanent fixture in his hands. He isn’t restrained to conforming and can be brutally honest at times; kisses and hugs are usually met with a hand shove to the face. He’s a delight though and his smiles and giggles more than get us through his constant and relentless daily care routines. He finds the humour in even the worst situations and we are endlessly proud of him.

Rock on Cam, you are a miracle and we love you to infinity!