Team Isabelle

On the 25th August2019, Sarah & Ryan Cowley, Stephanie & Adam Curry and their families and friends completed Coventry’s 5k big fun run for Team Isabelle and Teddy. It was a scorching hot day and they done incredibly well.                               On the 30th August 2019, Team Isabelle has been raised money for Zellweger UK at Sainsbury’s Mere Green. We served brunch for all the staff and raised a total of £315. We have added this to the fun run money and the grand total is £2360! Thank you to everyone who took part in the fundraisers and who donated. It has given us a focus and so much positivity at a time when we need it most. Isabelle achieved so much whilst she was alive and still continues to bring out the best in people 💜

Zellweger UK’s 2nd presentation at the University of Exeter

  On 26th November, 2018, I was kindly invited back by Professor Michael Schrader and the team at Schrader Lab to give a presentation about Zellweger UK and my son Cameron to their 73 students from the module “Cell Biology of Disease” at the University of Exeter.

Ali and Tash’s 27 mile – 3 County – 4 Peak Challenge

  Crossing counties in honour of Cam, for Zellweger UK and the children coping with the same degenerative childhood disease. On Saturday 21st July, 2018 I – alongside my very good (and extremely patient!) friend of a quarter of a century Ali – embarked on a 27 mile trek across 3 counties, up to the peaks and back down of four major hills in the South West, They say you learn something about yourself on these kinds of challenges… it turns out I’m a complete and utter coward! Over the course of the day I built up an extensive list of things I’m terrified of, starting with the already firmly established cows, to the more newly acquired ownerless dogs, getting lost, roads, cars… mopeds… hills!