Mahdi, Jude and Jessica

As a Christmas Eve treat we have THREE gorgeous children to share with you and my goodness are they all utterly adorable. Please meet Mahdi, Jude and Jessica! 






My amazing little man, full of life and determination…

















































Jude was born 3/2/18 with a diagnosis of d-bifunctional protein deficiency, paul and Angela ,(mum and dad) adore the little man so much and are so happy that he is with us for Christmas, he continues to thrive and is a bundle of joy , have a very happy Christmas everyone Paul Angela and Jude x


This is our beautiful baby Jessica who was born on 31 Dec 2016, 3 minutes after her twin sister Georgia. Georgia will nearly be two and is looking forward to Christmas. It’s lovely that she can now say that Jessica is her sister. We miss wee Jess lots but know that she’ll be with us in our hearts this Christmas. Have a wonderful time x”