How you can help.

We rely heavily on corporate sponsorship to help us support affected families and the UK research teams.

£50 pays for an affected child to attend our annual family event and enjoy sensory and other stimulating activities.

£250 pays for a specialist carer to look after an affected child during the event, giving their families some much-needed respite and time to connect with others.

£500 buys specialist sensory equipment such as a bubble tube or a fibre optic machine –a lifeline for many of our children who have limited or no vision and hearing.

£1,000 enables a graduate student or intern with one of the UK research teams to attend relevant meetings and workshops, strengthening team knowledge and understanding.

£2,500 buys kits for specific investigations by the UK research teams.

£5,000 pays for an intern or part-time technician to focus on specific protein roles within the Zellweger spectrum.

£10,000 buys a vital piece of lab equipment which could lead to further discoveries benefitting children on the Zellweger spectrum and others with
peroxisome related conditions.

Our fundraising pack contains some amazing ideas on cool and fun fundraisers. Whether it be big or small, we appreciate all the support. You can also download our sponsor form to help collect donations.