For day ELEVEN of our Zellweger UK Advent Calendar, please let us introduce you to the absolutely gorgeous Ashaz.










Ashaz was born on 27 January 2013 , our first child our love , he was born as a healthy child 7.5 pounds , healthy, happy , beautiful , it was cesarean that’s why they kept me in hospital for 4 days and on day five we came home with our love ,he started vomiting on and off , the investigation started ,later on 5th June he was diagnosed by ZS , the worst day of my life 😢, few months were terrified but then we realized that we r blessed with the beautiful son to enjoy with him, gradually we started enjoying him leaving all our sorrows behind
He brought lot of happiness in family and our life.He love long drives like trees parks he love to take bath.
Humps and haircut upset him.
He love family around him .
His health checks ,his endoscopy,his medicines,his injections ,his milk ….ahhhh , all going along and then on 7th November 2017 he left us 😭
Left lots of his memories, love , beautiful smile, his melodious voice, his laugh,…..
He will always missed by us every second,every day .
Thanks God (Allah )for blessing me with such a beautiful brave boy ,
We love u a lot Ashaz 😘😘😘