Hi everyone,

First of all, welcome to my blog ‘Take a Walk in my Shoes’, which will be about the rollercoaster of life- well my life!
The main reason I have decided to do this is for a bit of self-help. I don’t know what the right way is to deal with life’s events. But what I do know, is that I deal with things by having a bloody good talk about it. Getting it off my chest. Getting it out there, so that’s the plan!
I want to share my experience of being a Mum to two angel babies and what the future will look like if I chose to have children again. I hope there will be people out there who will be able to relate to my experiences, and that it will bring some type of comfort to others who
have experienced something similar. You’re not alone, you’re not mad (well we’re all a little bit mad), and things will be alright in the end. Because if it’s not alright, then it’s not the end.
(My Sister can take the glory for that one!)

I also hope that it will bring a realness to what it is like to lose a child, or to be a Mum to a child you know you won’t have forever. I will talk honestly about ‘the bigger picture’- relationships with my family, friends and my husband; going to work and trying to keep in control and have some elements of the ‘normal’ life I assumed I was getting.
Lastly, am doing this so my boys are not forgotten. I want their names to be said out loud and their story told…….. so here goes.

**Disclaimer** We are extremely lucky to be surrounded by amazing and loving friends and family who have rode with us on the brightest and stormiest days. I want to make my posts as honest as possible; they have had to learn to adapt to new situations just as much as me and my Husband have, and I am sure there are times when I have pissed them off, and they have pissed me off. That is life, so please no hating!

Thank you for taking the time to swing by and have a read.