Zellweger UK’s 2nd presentation at the University of Exeter


On 26th November, 2018, I was kindly invited back by Professor Michael Schrader and the team at Schrader Lab to give a presentation about Zellweger UK and my son Cameron to their 73 students from the module “Cell Biology of Disease” at the University of Exeter.

It was a great opportunity to once again see the incredible work being done by Schrader Lab in order to gain understanding of how peroxisomes interact with other organelles to keep cells (and therefore us!) healthy and functioning properly.  It’s incredible to witness the sheer dedication; Tina even giving up her lunch break to complete the task of splitting cells (something I got the impression is fairly commonplace for the team!) This kind of work is crucial in order to understand what is causing issues in peroxisome function and multiplication in children affected by Peroxisomal Disorders and in other diseases related to the peroxisome.

I’d like to thank Professor Schrader’s students for being an incredible audience and for the lovely and engaging questions following the presentation. It was a privilege to once again speak with our potential future research scientists.

And I’d like to thank everyone at Schrader Lab for their ongoing support, another warm welcome, and for their tireless work and dedication to such an overlooked organelle like the peroxisome and such little understood conditions as Peroxisomal Disorders.

From left to right: Maki Kamoshita, Tina Schrader, Joe Costello, Michael Schrader, Josiah Passmore, Suzan Kors and Niccy Foster.